The Anniversary Wish

A man on his way home from his office remembers it's his anniversary, he then sees a yard sale and stops to buy an old lamp.

When he gets home, he gives the lamp to his wife and said "Honey, this is a magical lamp, all you have to do to is rub the lamp and a genie would appear".

As she started to rub the lamp, a cloud of smoke came from the lamp and Poof! a genie appeared.

The genie of the lamp said I will grant you one wish, the husband looked puzzled!! The wife asked the husband what should she wish for and the husband said to wish for big t*ts, the wife looked at the genie and said "Genie! Make my tits a 44, and Poof! her tits were a 44!!

The husband immediately grabbed the lamp from the wife's hands and started rubbing it, a second genie appeared and said I will grant you one wish, the man said "Genie! Make my d**k hit the floor! and Poof! the man's legs fell off!!

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