Something Red

Rude Jokes MatchA young female teacher was giving her class of first graders questions of what's behind my back.

On the first one she asks "Behind my back I've got something red, round and you can eat it. what is it?". "An apple!" replied little Thomas. "No," said the teacher " It's a tomato but it shows your thinking."

"I've now got something round, a greenish colored you can eat it." "An apple," replied little Billy "No it's an onion, but it shows your thinking."

Little scruffy Johnny at the back of the class says "I've got something under my desk that's an inch long, white and it has a red end." "Dirty little boy!," said the teacher "No it's a match, but it shows you were thinking," he answered.

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Anonymous (December 30, 2013 at 6:55 AM)

you are = you're, not your

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